Kitchens are our most important product and precisely in the area of kitchen manufacturing has M-INTERIJER, with its quality and functionality, became a leader, first in Porec and in the last years in Istria.

We were strongly influenced, not only by demands of our customers, but also by Italian design that is so common and well accepted in Porec and Istria in general that we can say it has become almost our own. Maybe that is just what you want…

Therefore, you can find in all our products something that integrates in the existing domestic interior new and modern shapes and colors, as well as ideas and creations. We use latest technical solutions to create appearance and achieve functionality of your kitchen – modern kitchen shaped by your measures and measures of the space you live in.

Off course, kitchen today isn’t just a working place; it is a part of living room because today’s modern apartments and houses require it to be so. That is why we want our kitchen to be different and to fit perfectly with every inch and every line into our space.

These are the reasons why you should feel comfortable in you kitchen, it is not and it can’t be just some space in your apartment where you will fry, cook and mix (…or be a slave…). It is a part of your surrounding and M-INTERIJER will help you achieve that.

Welcome to our world with 2000 colors and designs of the most modern kitchens…